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Small Business SEO: 15 Tips You Can Do Fast

SEO is something that every business today needs in order to rank well in search and be found by their customer base. Improving your website’s SEO can be done with a series…

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Small Business SEO Tips

SEO is something that every business today needs in order to rank well in search and be found by their customer base. Improving your website’s SEO can be done with a series of small yet highly effective steps.

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#1. Optimize Images:

Images are vital to the visual appeal of your website, but too many large images can lead to a slow loading time, which in turn can put visitors off from visiting your site, increasing your bounce rate. So, optimize and compress images using tools such as Photoshop, ImageOptim, or TinyPNG to ensure a faster loading time.

Small Business SEO Tips

#2. Test Hosting Providers:

The hosting provider that you use can massively impact your website’s speed, which will affect SEO. Find out where your competitors are hosting their sites and compare loading speeds for each one. Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to test different hosting providers and choose the one that works best.

#3. Use Calls to Action in Your Meta Description:

Optimize your meta descriptions to make indexing by search engines easier and to entice users to visit the page when searching. Use a call to action in your meta description, but try to limit it to under 120 characters so that the full description can be seen by smartphone users too.

#4. Optimize Your Content:

Whether it’s website content or blog posts, make sure that it is optimized for long-tail keywords and any other relevant queries. It’s a wise idea to analyze your competitors’ page content on your queries and includes the words that they use. Ensure that you use all the words that are relevant to the users’ question and what they should expect to find on their page.

#5. Create High-Quality Content:

High-quality, informational content is always rewarded by search engines, who put providing value to the user at the heart of everything that they do. Quality, well-researched content that includes data and explanatory images is key. And, don’t just stick to short features – long-form content that’s fresh and on-topic will boost your SEO.

#6. Be Mobile Responsive:

Today, any website owner knows that not being mobile-friendly will kill their SEO efforts. With more people than ever browsing online, having a dedicated mobile site isn’t always enough. Update your site with a fresh, modern responsive design that works well on every device.

#7. Check for Broken Links:

Broken links can seriously harm your SEO and your brand’s reputation. Regularly check your website for both external and internal broken links so that you can remove and redirect them straight away.

#8. Use Outbound Links:

Don’t be afraid to link to bloggers or influencers in your niche to help people find the right answers to their questions. This can help you build mutually beneficial relationships, which can lead to quality link building.

#9. Get Social Media Savvy:

Make sure that your business has a strong presence on social media and that all your business social profiles are linked to your website. Bear in mind that every photo, post, and video that you post on social media creates a web link that may show up for relevant keywords in searches, creating more exposure for your brand and click-throughs to your website.

#10. Prioritize Promotion:

Backlinks are still very relevant to your SEO efforts, as long as they are done correctly. Work on building high-quality relationships and partnerships with bloggers and influencers, be active on social media and within industry-related forums, give interviews and work on getting your brand in the news. All of these don’t just promote your brand name and lead to bigger exposure; they also create more links to your site for search engines to pick up on.

#11. Lead the User Wisely:

Whether you’re writing a post or promoting a new product or service, make sure that you always keep your goals in mind to lead your users wisely to where you want them to be. Create sales tunnels and re-evaluate regularly to make sure that the strategies you’re using are working.

#12. Provide a Good User Experience:

When it comes to on-site SEO, the user experience should be a top priority. Google and other search engines don’t just look at keywords and backlinks; they’re also concerned with how users physically find your site. Make sure that you have a simple navigation system on the site and easy steps for users, to ensure that your site is pleasant and easy to use.

#13. Be Secure:

This is especially important if you’re taking payments online, but even if you’re not selling, it’s still important to have SSL encryption for your site. This will show as a green padlock in the browser bar that tells customers their information is safe. As a result, visitors will feel safer staying on your site for longer and happier to insert their personal information when signing up or buying. As online security becomes more and more important, Google will be cracking down more on unsecured sites.

#14. Invest in Your Future:

Don’t think that you can get away with doing everything yourself or getting freebies when it comes to SEO.  It’ll all pay off when you begin to see great results.

#15. Analyze and Measure Everything:

Last but not least, SEO is never something that can simply be done once and then left alone. For real success, you need to constantly evaluate and revisit your search engine optimization, not least because search engines are always updating their algorithms and you’ll need to make sure that everything you do is in line with the latest developments. To get the best results, make sure that you are constantly analyzing and measuring everything. Use a strong set of analytical tools to help you determine which strategies are working well, and which aren’t.

Do you have any more SEO tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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