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Video’s Effect on SEO – Using Video to Increase Time on Site

Adding multimedia elements to a standard article has many benefits, not just for the reader, but also in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). In this article, we cover a few of…

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Videos Effect on SEO

Adding multimedia elements to a standard article has many benefits, not just for the reader, but also in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). In this article, we cover a few of the reasons why including video with your written content and using it to boost engagement elsewhere is beneficial for SEO purposes.

Better Dwell Time Can Lead to Elevated Ranking and Traffic

The dwell time – the amount of time spent on a site – is important because it affects how many people Google sends over organically through their search engine. It’s been found that when including at least one video embedded inside an article, the dwell time is at least 50 percent higher.

Videos Effect on SEO

This increase in engagement is noted by Google who usually sent the visitor to the page in the first place. Especially so if the site uses Google Analytics to track data metrics. The search engine is very capable of connecting the dots between clicks on their search results and analytical information about visitors as a result of such actions.

Increased dwell time becomes a self-reinforcing loop where more time spent on the page often makes Google feel like the text and video content has helped the searcher. In which case, they may choose to bump the ranking up a few notches more. Then the traffic leaps up because of smart use of video and knock-on SEO benefits because of it.

Personalize Your Content for More Engagement

Higher engagement leads to visitors sticking on the page for longer. Better on-page time is a noticeable ranking factor for Google in the race for more traffic and better rankings.

If you’re wishing to include videos of yourself or your team to represent the brand, then this personalizes your content. Being able to put a face to a name or brand for visitors who can watch an explanation on video is appreciated by viewers. It’s also true that some concepts are quicker to explain or easier to comprehend when conveyed on video than in textual or diagrammatic forms; video can bridge a gap in understanding.

If you want to use an HD webcam to record your “talking head” videos, then consider Movavi software as your screen recorder of choice. This  screen recording software can record what is happening on your desktop screen while also including a headshot in the corner of you talking on a webcam. It will pick up your audio too, making it simpler to sync it all together ready to finalize and upload.

Secret Advantage in the Search Results

Personalized content with videos can rank in the special video section within Google search results. In this spot, only the videos using relevant keywords have a good chance of being seen prominently.

Many content producers haven’t yet caught onto the benefits of using video to rank a piece of content better. Driving views to the video on YouTube, a link to the full article at the top of the video description gives viewers the opportunity to click through afterwards.

Searchers Finding Sites Through Their Video Content

As the quantity of videos and the preference for video content by mobile users increases, using video content becomes an ever-important part of the SEO puzzle. While a piece of written content is just one item to rank in a variety of ways, with video content too, it gives content producers two slices of the SEO pie.

With the goal to drive more traffic and engagement for the brand and eventually through to the website itself, using the hub and spoke model has proven increasingly effective. This is where brands have different places where video along with slideshows and prepared images are used on secondary platforms. The platforms might include YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

This increases brand awareness and encourages users on those platforms to visit the brand’s site to engage directly on it. With the massive growth in video as a means of marketing on its own as well as a traffic driver, the hub and spoke model aims to drive visitors to the website as the brand’s ultimate hub.

Video content is a powerful method to increase the time on site by encouraging visitors to stay longer by viewing the video too. When the video is viewed on the brand’s site, this helps with its SEO via better on-page statistics that search engines pick up on. However, it also benefits the site when the video content is available elsewhere for viewing because initial interest can be stimulated in the viewer who then clicks through to the brand’s site to get more information.

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