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26 Free Design Resources to Kickstart Your New Website

Your website will often be the first encounter a consumer has with your brand. With consumers so quick to judge, you want to make a good first impression, right? However, designing a…

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Your website will often be the first encounter a consumer has with your brand. With consumers so quick to judge, you want to make a good first impression, right?

However, designing a website is no easy task. Templates, fonts, colors, backgrounds, images… there is a lot that goes into web design. Whether you’re a novice web designer trying to start your first website, or an experienced web curator who is experiencing designer’s block, here are a few free web design resources to jumpstart your next project.

WireFrame Tools

Before you start creating anything, you need to plan out your site. Wireframing allows you to create mockups of each page that will live within your website. While it can be a bit monotonous, wireframing will make the rest of the design portion all the more easy.

SimpleDiagrams: Make the tedious process of creating wireframes easy with this tool.

Framebox: Extremely simple and makes it easy to save and send your finished frames.

Mockingbird: Another easy to use wireframing tool with the ability to collaborate live with those you have shared with.


Design Sharing

Inspiration can come from all kinds of sources. Check out these social designer sites when you’re in a creative funk.

Bluegraphic: Find fonts, graphics, backgrounds, templates and more with this design sharing site.

Fribbble: This extension of Dribble makes it easy to find the freebies that they have to offer.

Pixelbuddha: Plenty of free designs to go around on this site. Plus, what a great name.

Behance: Another site that allows creativity to flow throughout with eye-catching designs everywhere you look.

Dribbble: As one of the top social sites for designers out there today, Dribble is a fantastic way to find free designs as well as inspire your own.

Dribbble has what you need to spark your creativity


While we’ll always recommend that the more of your own images you use the better, when you don’t have time for that there are plenty of awesome sites with free images that you can use.

Unsplash: Stock full of all types of high-quality images, Unsplash makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Pikwizard: is the latest addition to the stock photography family. It holds over 100,000 high-quality images and there is 20,000 completely exclusive to the website. There is also no attribution required.

Travel Coffee Book: This neat site offers gorgeous shots from around the globe shared by world-travelers.

Canva: Canva has a laundry list of colorful, well shot photos for your website needs.

Pixabay: This free photo hub has over 1.4 million images for use.

Pexels: Another great free stock image option with plenty of options to choose from.

Take advantage of the beautiful images Pexels offers.


Choosing the right colors for your website can be an difficult part of the job. You want to find a tones and combinations that fit your brand. Enlist the help of these tools to make this process stress-free.

Colordot: A simple tool that lets you instantly save colors with the click of a mouse.

Imapallete: Easily upload your photos on this site and it will tell you the dominant colors of your picutre. Perfect for creating consistent designs.

Canva: Along with having some great images, Canva also has a large list of color options.

Khroma: Having trouble figuring out what colors fit you? Test it out Khroma’s color generator algorithm to find your perfect color scheme.

ColorDrop: A platform for expanding your color horizons with preloaded color combinations.

So many colors, so little time with ColorDrop’s wide array of options

Responsive Design Tools

If it doesn’t look good on mobile and tablet interfaces, then your website might as well not exist at all. Use these responsive design apps to help you create consistency across all platforms.

Resizer: Google makes another appearance on this list with their simple and useful responsive test tool.

Webflow: Take the hassle out of responsive web design with this app that allows you to manipulate the real, working website. Say goodbye to writing copious amounts of code with this tool.

Froont: This tech-world-renowned tool allows for seamless transition from desktop to mobile.


One-Stop-Shops for Website Creation

Below are some solid options for beginning web designers. These free sites make creating your first website easy.

Marvel: Marvel has everything you need from wireframing, prototyping and generating design specs.

Marvel has what you need for your next big web project

Google Web Designer: Let Google take care of the HTML5 and CSS3 so you can focus on making slick designs for you site.

Squarespace: One of the more popular web designing sites, easily create your own website for free with Squarespace.

Wix: Similar to Squarespace, Wix makes it easy to create the perfect site for your brand.


Get Started Today!

Your website is an extension of your company and your brand. It should perfectly emulate the mission and values that make up who you are. A website should be carefully crafted. It should be planned, not rushed. Once completed, it should be updated frequently and it should incorporate best digital marketing practices.

Here at Hook Agency, we know a thing or two about web design. If you need some help getting started on your new site, or in need of some web design updates, contact us today and we’ll work with you to create the perfect site for your brand.

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