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Why I’m Trying a 30-Day Writing Challenge

I recently enrolled in SeanWes’s 30 Days to Better Writing course because I’m looking to improve my overall writing, communication, and blogging skills. To me – targeting stuff that people really want to…

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30 Day Writing Challenge

30 Day Writing ChallengeI recently enrolled in SeanWes’s 30 Days to Better Writing course because I’m looking to improve my overall writing, communication, and blogging skills.

To me – targeting stuff that people really want to read about is one of the biggest pieces that beginner bloggers aren’t considering, so I also am going to talk (write) through some of the ways I find topics people actually want to read at the end of this blog post.

But first – my ‘Why?’:

What are 3 ways writing will benefit you?

  • Writing brings clarity to the way I’m thinking.
  • It allows me to get my thoughts out into the world and establish me as an expert.
  • It allows me to be useful to people – in a way that earns more clients and income in the future.

What are you afraid of when it comes to writing?

I am scared of the quantity of time that it takes to blog every day.

My time is valuable, and so if I take a half hour every day to blog ‘thats a 75 dollar bill’ as Darrell Sheets would say on Storage Wars.

I don’t know the exact dollar amount on any particular hour, but I know that it’s scary to take the time, detract from client work, and sales.

What sacrifices will you have to make in order to carve out half an hour a day for writing?

I will have to make a sacrafice to potentially wake up a little earlier, and to put myself in a position to have that time available.

Among my other disciplines – like doing a media pitch every day for a year and getting to work at 8am to do business development, and doing 3 videos a week for my business – I’m always a little skittish to add any more new ‘challenges.’

What will happen if I write every day for 30 days?

Hopefully – this instigates deliberate practice, since so much of my writing is instinctual – and not necessarilly intentionally trying to improve what I am doing.

This process will allow me to focus on the mechanics of what good writing is.

I am also enrolling in Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass on writing.

By taking the ‘how can I get better at writing’ approach more broadly by learning from multiple experts – and using this time to learn how to better target my content as well, I believe I will ‘level up’ on this skill.

The level 3 ninja will level up to a level 4 or what have you.

Here’s what I know about targeting content

First of all – it’s important.

Do it.

Writing for the sake of writing is great, but the more you can dive into targeting – the better your content will do out in the world. The better your content does (as in the more people read it), the more you will want to write in the future.

  • Use Ahrefs or SemRush to look at what competitors are writing about
  • Look at the top news-oriented blogs in your industry and see what truly news-worthy developments are happening that you could write about.
  • Search topics in Google Trends to see topics are growing in popularity that you could own a corner of the ‘content market’ for that topic.
  • Search your keyword or phrase in ‘Answer The Public‘, to see what common questions are that you might be able to blog the answer to.
  • Ask the people that are your ideal customers or clients what questions they have that you could write about.
  • Write down common questions during the sales process, or ask the sales team what questions keep cropping up!
  • Look at the suggested searches that drop down when you are searching on Google – and ‘Suggested searches’ in Google (By finding what keywords people might also search contextually, you can write about or augment existing content with useuful information and include ‘LSI Keywords’.)

A brief explanation of LSI Keywords:

Thank you for reading about my 30-day writing challenge! Would you ever consider doing one, or have you done one? Comment below!

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