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Make a One Minute Brand-Focused Video on Facebook

If you want people to trust your company – you need to get them the right information. That means having 5-stars all over Google and Facebook, having testimonials, being part of organizations,…

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Brand focused video on container

Quick Concepts

Video is extremely compelling right?

It’s easier to just let the content hit you in the face – than sit there trying to read it….

Here’s some principles I’d suggest to get the most out of promoting a short video on Facebook:

  • Start with the logo + 10 sec views are cheap
  • 1 minute video is great
  • Focus on the creative very closely, curate your most compelling language + make it visually interesting and tell the story
  • Ask for business – get them to the next step
  • Promote to ‘people who like your page & their friends,’ and ‘remarketing’ audiences

Full Transcription

Hey, how’s it going? It’s Tim Brown, and I’m your construction company marketer. Today on “Construction Wise,” we’re gonna be talking about why I think you should make a short video, post it on Facebook, and promote it with, yes, ad dollars.

I recently decided to create a video that would just tell our story really quickly. I decided to put our brand first on the video, so people even if they’re just scrolling by on Facebook will see this brand. Then, say something about our key value proposition quickly, so I talked about professional visibility. Even if they just see the brand, my face, and the words professional visibility, I got what I wanted. Ten-second video views on Facebook are very, very cheap. So, you can promote this branded video on Facebook and not spend that much money to have a lot of people see at least that beginning part of the video. Even if they’re scrolling by, and you get a lot of brand impressions. To me, it’s about supporting your other efforts. I’m not necessarily trying to convert everybody on this video, but I want them to know about my brand and know about me. It plays the same role essentially as a billboard or something like that, but it’s where the attention is nowadays, Facebook and other social media.

Here you go, here are three tips to make it work for you:

  1. Record a short one minute video and the first 10 seconds of that video should give the key value proposition and show your logo.
  2. Promote that to people who like your page and their friends, that’s an audience in Facebook. The other one is people who have visited your website. You need to set up a re-marketing audience in Facebook, and one of the previous videos talks about re-marketing.
  3. At the very end of the video, I do think you need to ask for business. Tell them how they can start working with you, tell them where they can call, where they can email, or how to look at your projects and then contact you.

With that all said, thank you for joining me for “Construction Wise,” I hope that you create your one minute video this week. And, get the full use out of social media and promoted posts on Facebook. Thanks, bye.


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