7 Best Roofing Marketing Companies(Reviews/Ratings)

Roofing marketing companies have gotten better than ever.  Not too long ago, there were not as many options out there— and some of the options that did exist, were ultimately very bad.…

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Roofing Marketing Companies

Roofing marketing companies have gotten better than ever. 

Not too long ago, there were not as many options out there— and some of the options that did exist, were ultimately very bad. For instance:

  • They wouldn’t give you access to your website or owned all the content.
  • Websites would be templated, with little or no customization.
  • “Marketing companies” would sell you leads but not actually help build your systems to get those leads. 

In general, these roofing marketing companies below are better than that. Although we are a roofing marketing agency as well, we often get asked, “Who else would you suggest if we don’t go with you?” and these companies are our go-tos:

1. Webrunner Media – 4.9 Stars on Google (Based on 67 Reviews)

Webrunner Media’s Website

From what I understand, Webrunner media is very good with Google ads for roofing and has solid reporting and systems for making sure you know what you need to do in between meetings. We’ve had overlapping clients and they produced a solid amount of leads and do nice landing pages when appropriate if you need them.

Here are a few reviews that explain why people like working with them:

Webrunner Ratings + Reviews

Ratings for Webrunner Media


Here is their rating on Google Business Profile as of this post:

Webrunner Media Ratings + Reviews on Google

2. Roofing Marketers – 5 Stars (Based on 4 Reviews)

Visit Roofing Marketer’s Website

Roofing Marketers is a great deal in that they do some SEO, Google ads, and Facebook ads. They set up ‘remarketing’ for you so people that go to your site see your ads all over. They refer to it as Omnipresence, and they are very dedicated to the roofing industry. 


Roofing Marketers - ratings and reviews Roofing Marketers Ratings and reviews


Roofing Marketers Ratings & Reviews

3. Ascend Digital Agency – 5 Stars (Based on 20 Reviews)

Visit Ascend Digital Agency’s Website

Michael Stearns and Ascend Digital Agency have a ton of people in the Roofing Facebook groups vouching for them, and swearing by the lead flow. They can help you set up your Google ads, get started on SEO, and allows for a ‘paid discovery’ before you need to buy something bigger. Michael is very communicative according to reviews and gets the leads he promises.


Ascend Digital Agency Ratings & Reviews

Ascend Digital Agency - Ratings & Reviews


Ascend Digital Agency - Ratings & Reviews


4. Contractor Dynamics – 5 Stars (Based on 26 Reviews)

Visit Contractor Dynamic’s Website

Contractor Dynamics is more of a marketing training agency with videos and weekly workshops, as well as workshops for your team. Joseph Hughes is a respected voice in the roofing space, speaks at events, and they have deep expertise in Facebook ad training, in particular. 


Contractor Dynamics Ratings + Reviews Contractor Dynamics Marketing Ratings Reviews


Contractor Dynamics Ratings

5. Ryno Strategic Solutions – 4.8 Stars (Based on 81 Reviews)

Visit Ryno Strategic Solution’s Website

Newer to the roofing marketing space, but they’re also above average caliber compared to many that have been there longer. Their websites are solid, and they have deep expertise in ads in the home services space. 


Ryno Strategic Solutions Ratings & Reviews

Ryno Strategic Solutions Ratings and Reviews


Ryno Strategic Solutions Rating 2022

6. – 5 Stars (Out of 6 Reviews)

Visit’s Website

Commercial roofing marketing experts, PeakLeads used to go by Summa Media. They have advanced systems for procuring lucrative commercial roofing jobs with targeted e-mail marketing. They utilize some automation, and persuasive copywriting to create higher $$$ revenue-generating jobs. 


Peakleads Ratings and Reviews



7. Restoration Referral System – 5 Stars (Based on 23 Reviews)

Visit Restoration Referral System’s Website

Matt Danskin is in a league of his own as far as roofing marketing goes – almost un-categorizable, but we’ll try. His system involves turning insurance agents into referral partners. They also have a software, but the core value here is the intellectual property and his ability to train your team and turn them into a squad of referral generating bad-asses. 



Restoration Referral System - Rating and reviews


What to Consider When Choosing Your Roofing Marketing Company

  • Choose someone who you can feel a rapport with, and will actually push to hit your marketing goals. 
  • Choose someone who has expertise in roofing marketing, in general – because there are a ton of efficiencies after you’ve done this 10+ times.
  • Choose someone who cares about their long-term reputation in the market, and would be remiss to mess it up by doing poor work.

Best of luck finding the best roofing marketing company for your needs! 

How do I market my roofing business?

To market a roofing business well, you need to employ many similar techniques other small businesses use. Paid advertisement is always a good place to start. Google pay per click or Google local service ads can both increase the number of sales your roofing business is doing.

With the help of a good marketing agency, you can create content optimized for the Google search engine (SEO). Your ranking in the Google search engine will directly determine how many people can see your website and the roofing services you offer. 

If you’ve already created content but haven’t optimized it for SEO, an agency can help rebuild your content using keywords and popular search terms in your area. SEO is the number one marketing tool small businesses rely on as it brings in more organic sales from actual customers. 

On your business website, make sure to share previous positive customer reviews.

How do roofers get clients?

Roofers get clients by using the marketing tools on offer, like many other small businesses. Roofing installation and repair is a service that has been around for a long time and will always be necessary, unlike some industries. For that reason, some older forms of marketing still work.

For example, while long letters in the mail probably won’t bring in many new clients, pamphlets with a short explanation of your roofing services and contact information delivered to homes in the area will realistically still work. This detail is especially true if you live in a residential or commercial building area. 

Since roofing is a business that’s done on clients’ properties, having content sent directly to them in the mail is still a practical form of marketing. However, it’s still a smart practice to create a high-quality website and social media presence for your clients to see when they want to look you up.

How do I increase roof sales?

If you’re looking to increase your roof sales, ensure your SEO is ranked very high. Most consumers choose a business in the top 3-5 bars of Google search, so work with an agency or marketing professional to ensure your content is as optimized as possible. 

If you’ve seen several months go by without an uptick in sales or with no new customers, it means your business isn’t showing up when people look for roofers in your area. If changing your SEO ranking isn’t enough, paid marketing on Google or social media sites in your area may be a strategic move for your business.

Finally, look into the area in which you’re trying to find clients. Try to get a good idea about whether or not people in the area are looking for roofing services, and if you can specialize your services to provide a solution to an ongoing problem a client may have had.

How do roofers get leads?

Roofers get leads through promotional marketing, just like other companies that offer home services. Paid advertising, optimized content creation for your website and social media pages, and presenting with a positive reputation and case studies from satisfied clients can all help roofers get leads. 

Roofers can get leads that are more specific to their profession in a few ways. Whether or not they’re working in a commercial area, roofers may contact and collaborate with brokers who can provide them with prospective client information, generating leads that way. 

Roofers may also work with realtors or attend roofing trade shows. Trade shows can be a great place to generate leads and find collaborative solutions with other roofers and industry professionals. While it’s less common, roofers may also go door to door to generate leads. 

The most cost-effective and quickest way to get leads as a roofer is to work with a talented marketing professional.

What do roofing leads cost?

It can cost anywhere between 15 and 150 dollars to buy a roofing lead. The price hinges on where you get it and if it’s exclusive or shared. How much a roofer wants to pay for a lead depends on the total cost of the job and how much profit the roofer will make. 

As a roofer, you may pay for leads from other contractors, third-party brokers, or shared lead outlets online or otherwise. A shared lead will always be less lucrative than an exclusive lead because the roofer will be competing against other contractors for the job. 

The best way to generate organic, exclusive leads is to have a professional and easy-to-access online presence. If a prospect can find the website and look at the roofing services easily through Google search, the roofer is generating their exclusive leads through their site. 

Ideal scenario, a marketing agency can build you a professional website – and you attract those leads yourself, so that you own every lead that comes in, and the systems that create more leads.

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