Best Roofing Shingles for 2022 – Reviews from Real Roofers

Hook Agency doesn’t have any deals with any manufacturers as of writing this. We’re just trying to find out what is the real best shingle. We looked at major publications, we received…

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Malarkey Roofing Shingles

Hook Agency doesn’t have any deals with any manufacturers as of writing this. We’re just trying to find out what is the real best shingle. We looked at major publications, we received demonstrations from top brands, and we surveyed the industry.

So this article will share in detail, what contractors believe is the best shingle on the market.

Here’s a quick rundown of how top roofing shingle brands, stack up amongst the pack:

  • GAF is the largest roofing shingle manufacturer and was founded in 1886. (GAF can get classified as having the most options)
  • Owens Corning is another extremely large manufacturer, and a Fortune 500 company for more than 57 years – but LARGENESS does not necessarily mean they are the best. (Owens Corning often gets classed as an Affordable winner)
  • Certainteed is called a high-end brand
  • Malarkey has been named ‘Best Overall’ in other lists
  • TAMKO has been said to have low quality.
  • IKO also takes up the bottom end of quality.

What are the Best Roofing Shingles?

Malarkey Shingles are the best roofing shingles, according to contractors online and a cross-section of authorities on the subject.

Here is what real roofers have to say what companies have the best roofing shingles today!

“Love the Malarkey Shingles.”

“They hold up so well. We can look at neighborhoods houses done with other brands at the same time in 2013. The malarkey looks 5 years newer. That speaks for itself. 🤷‍♀️”

Satirah Moore

Watchdog Roofing

“Malarkey hands down, super large nail strip”

Malarkey hands down, super large nail strip outperforms every other shingle in durability especially the IR ones. Granules embedded vs laid on top and the sealants… where they lay there for good and the sealants are also highly elastic which is great for long term durability. No competition”

Travis Wolfbauer


“Atlas – for their warranty”

Great rep, awesome warranty just need to use 4 of there products, don’t have to upsell a better warranty.

Had one color issue which I asked for 2 slopes to be replaced and Atlas came back and said we will pay 100 percent cost for roof to be tore off and replaced.”

Carson Feiner

Feiner Construction

“Atlas Pinnacle HP”

“In its time ELK had the best laminate money could buy. Then GAF bought them and systematically ruined the shingle and the company. Today, the Atlas Pinnacle HP with Scotchgard Protector is the best value for the consumer and has great installation features and a easy, solid, no-frills warranty to sell for the contractor.”

Joe Wameling


“Owens Corning Duration with that beautiful sure nail strip!!”

“The Malarkey line is really good as well. Especially since they redesigned the Highlander which had terrible problems. GAF use to be good but now there shingles look terrible and have streaking lines and color patches that look terrible! They widened the nail zone but that didn’t widen the tru or common bond area. In the NW. IKO and Tamko are bottom of the barrel. I have seen a good change in the Atlas line lately…”

Garris Spaccamonti


“GAF Timberline/HD shingles”

“It will be a slugfest in here. However, GAF Timberline/HD shingles. 200 Consecutive roofs, 3 cities, 1 issue. And the house saw wind 1 day after install. 5/12, too cold for strips to seal. No complaints here. Before, we used 100% CertainTeed for 300+. No issues.””

J.t. Granberry

Restoration Resourcing, LLC

“I really like Owens corning duration for reg asphalt”

“For higher end Berkshire. Grand manor. Presidentials.But I would really like to get my hands on malarkey. Haven’t had them NEPA”

Richie Antonio


“Malarkey- Vista, in particular.”

Malarkey- Vista, in particular. We have used most major major manufactures through the years (OC Duration would be my 2nd pick) but stone coated steel is where it’s at!”

Kevin Phillips


Roofers – what’s your favorite shingle?

If you have the insider view on what shingles, answer these questions in the comments:

  • What shingles hold up the best under normal conditions?
  • What shingles look the best from the street?
  • What shingles resist storms the best?

Comment below on this post, and we’ll include a highlight from your share in the article, and link back to your company website if you offer value!

Thank you for reading “Best Roofing Shingles for 2022 | Reviews from Real Roofers” – I hope it’s been useful to you!

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