The 7 Best Roofing SEO Companies in 2022 (For Real)

The landscape of Roofing SEO Companies is competitive… but not that competitive. There are only a few I think that are really vying for the top spot, and those are on this…

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Top Roofing SEO Companies

The landscape of Roofing SEO Companies is competitive…

but not that competitive. There are only a few I think that are really vying for the top spot, and those are on this list.

Rather than pat our friends on the back – I thought I’d do some aggressive comparison based on these 3 clinical criteria:

  1. Google Reviews (although they used to be able to game – they are less so now.)
  2. The amount of traffic for money-making terms their website is able to get (showing real skill.)
  3. Reputational analysis of other social platforms, links and mentions from others in the roofing industry.

Here’s what I we came up with – come what may – Roofing SEO FTW!

1. Blackstorm Roofing Marketing

Traffic Value: $3,200

5-Star Reviews on Google: 19 Five-Star Reviews

Reputation Analysis: Several recent reviews, Several ‘local guide’ reviews.

2. Roofing Webmasters

Traffic Value: $12,000

5-Star Reviews on Google: 25 Five-Star Reviews

Reputation Analysis: Fast turnaround time cited, fast response times, many recent reviews. One weak point is that if you discontinue paying – your content and site may belong to them, if that’s the plan you’re on.

3. Roofer Marketers

Traffic Value: $5,700

5-Star Reviews on Google: 2 Five-Star Reviews

Reputation Analysis: Have talked with their clients, and they’ve generally had a good experience. A little bit more basic websites, but they definitely know there stuff and it appears they do what they say they are going to do.

4. Hook Agency

Yeah – we’re on here. I’m going to try to go through this like any other company and be impartial though.

Traffic Value: $62,900

5-Star Reviews on Google: 61 Five-Star Reviews (I think one of them is my mom though.)

Reputation Analysis: Well – I know we work our butts off, but we have speed bumps like everyone. We have close connections with many leaders in the roofing industry, and an occasional tough conversation with clients who would like to see results more quickly. We use these conversations to try to sharpen ourselves.

“One thing I love about customers is that they are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static – they go up.”


5. Thrive Agency

Traffic Value: $1,900,000

5-Star Reviews: 77 5-Star Reviews (on their Arlington / home base location)

Reputation Analysis: Some bad reviews, but most don’t provide a lot of context – only one seems very legit. Positive reviews mention SEO specifically in services. Their SEO skills for themselves are noteworthy. They are not ‘Contractor only’ but I don’t believe that’s absolutely necessary to do a good job, more of a ‘nice to have,’ if I’m honest.

6. Business 411

Traffic Value: $17

5-Star Reviews: 15 Five-Star Reviews

Reputation Analysis: I’ve spoken with several Business411 clients and for beginner roofers – this seems to be solid place to get logo design, website design, and local directory listings for SEO. Affiliated with Roofing Insights which seems to be a good sign.

7. Summa Media

Traffic Value: $2

5-Star Reviews: 41 Five-star Google Reviews

Reputation Analysis: Real, and amazing reviews from roofing companies. Affiliated with Randy Brothers which is great (by way of the Start, Build, Grow show) – tons of positive word of mouth around the industry, from people like SumoQuote etc. The low traffic value – may indicate SEO is somewhat new on their website, but as far as commercial roofing lead generation they seem to have an efficient and powerful system using e-mail outreach etc.

There are many ways to skin a cat!

But if you need a Roofing SEO company to handle SEO for you – obviously Hook Agency would love to be considered.

  • We do competitive analysis and figure out what your competitors are ranking for on Google.
  • We write for you – and build out content systematically on your website.
  • We build links from around the web back to your website and report too you monthly with a live marketing dashboard.

Thank you for reading – and may you blast to the top of Google’s first page for your money making keywords!

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