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Women in the Trades – Org’s to Partner With or Join

Women spent the past several decades working hard toward equality in the workplace. As women continue to take leadership roles and shape the future of employment, finding an environment where one can…

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Women in the trades

Women spent the past several decades working hard toward equality in the workplace. As women continue to take leadership roles and shape the future of employment, finding an environment where one can thrive and feel welcome is critical.

Women are the face of the future of trade industries. Whether it’s starting your own company or working within an established firm, knowing how to reach customers and boost your business is essential. Setting up connections builds lasting relationships and ensures your place as a trade leader.

The Association of Women in Trade

As women become more powerful in trade industries, professional development becomes incredibly important. The Association of Women in Trade (WIIT) is based in Washington, D.C., and offers resources, connections, and professional development to help women succeed.

With corporate members such as Toyota, UPS, MetLife, and others, WIIT is an organization you won’t want to leave behind. The association offers scholarships for women studying international trade, hoping more women will become leaders in this area. 

Beyond the standard newsletter, WIIT offers:

  • Online meetings
  • Training
  • Professional development 
  • A resource for job opportunities with companies it supports

WIIT is one of the most influential organizations women in trades can be involved with, and reasonable membership dues make this a must-join association.

Inter-American Development Bank

Companies continue to develop new programs and outreach to build up women in trades, and Inter-American Development Bank is no exception. With its new initiative, “Women Growing Together in the Americas,” IDB is looking to be at the forefront of supporting women in trade.

A byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, IDB saw a market for helping women-led enterprises in the Americas. When women were disproportionately affected in the job market and trade industries, IDB set up tools for women to reclaim their livelihoods.

With major partners in every sector, including Facebook, Mastercard, Visa, and others, IDB is an organization every woman would benefit from by forming a partnership.


Connecting with women in small and large businesses is equally valuable. SheTrades offers connectivity around the world – intending to reach more than 3 million women in 2022. Currently active in 25 countries, SheTrades is the hottest growing initiative to support women in all sectors.

With partners from UPS and eBay to Mary Kay and Visa, SheTrades has a global reach that helps women from around the world. 

SheTrades uses connectivity and networking to help women find customers and companies alike. It also offers platforms for women to trade services. SheTrades hosts workshops, trade fairs, and more, encouraging women entrepreneurs to continue learning as they grow their businesses.

Explore the Trades

Job opportunities and business growth are essential parts of success for women in trades, but they need resources. Explore the Trades offers connections for job listings, women with experience, and information about becoming a leader in your field. 

Explore the Trades focuses on hands-on trade careers, such as the residential service industry, with jobs in plumbing, electricity, HVAC, and more. While stereotypes remain in these careers, Explore the Trades actively works to dismantle those expectations and provide resources for women to thrive.

As the need for more skilled trades workers grows, women have the opportunity to shine in this career field. Explore the Trades provides training, scholarships, and a list of resources for anyone looking to enter a skilled trade. 

Tradeswomen Inc

Another excellent organization is Tradeswomen Inc. Tradeswomen Inc offers apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, access to unions, and information for contractors. Based in Oakland, Calif., the goal of Tradeswomen Inc is to increase the percentage of women in trades.

Partnered up with coalitions such as the Equal Rights Advocates and the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues, this firm provides incredible support and resources for women currently working or looking to join any trade career.

The organization offers support for companies and employees alike as part of a larger goal to increase women’s participation in the trades. Growing from a small grassroots campaign in 1979, Tradeswomen Inc is now among the essential blue-collar organizations for women.

Final Thoughts

Trade can play an important role in the empowerment of women. Therefore choosing one of these organizations to partner with or be a part of is an important aspect of building strong relationships and working towards gender equality. 

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