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How to Let an Agency Write For You

We often have clients asking how our writers can write content for them without being subject matter experts. Well, it takes more than just being a subject matter expert to write good…

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We often have clients asking how our writers can write content for them without being subject matter experts. Well, it takes more than just being a subject matter expert to write good SEO content. When it comes to content strategy, I don’t need to know every single detail about what you do, but I need to know who your customers are, what drives them to hire you, and the problems they have that lead them to you.


What We Ask During Our Initial Content Strategy Meeting

When we first meet with a client, we ask them a few key questions — Who is your ideal customer, and what problems do they have?

We then build out a persona for each ideal customer. It’s vital to personify the audience we are writing for. It creates empathy and helps drive the conversation in terms of helping them solve a problem they have through the use of valuable content. We find this activity helps our clients get out of their usual routine and forces them to get into the head of their customers in a creative way that gets to the root of the reason they would find our content useful.

Often companies will spend an hour just talking us through the details of their business, what they do, and very granular activities of the specific product or service itself. They talk about themselves, so we encourage them to shift that into customer-driven conversations and get out of that “me” mindset. We live in a self-obsessed culture a bit, and people are quick to believe “pitching” your business is the right strategy to gain customers, but it’s quite the opposite.

By strategizing around the customer and their needs and solving their problems, it much better reaches the actual reason they’re looking for your business in the first place. Content strategy is about the customer, and we need clarity around them before we get to the nitty-gritty of your business operations.

Concerns That Come With Hiring an Outside Company to Write Internal Content

The biggest concern we get from companies wary of hiring an outside writer for their blog is, “How do you even write for unique businesses”? Well, while we understand the concern that comes with hiring someone who’s never roofed a house to write your roofing content, there’s much more to it than that.

The first thing to note is that despite your expertise in your niche business, the reason customers hire you is that you can solve a problem for them, they cannot solve themselves. They are hiring you because they need your expertise to do the job, but they don’t necessarily need to know how or why you did it. Your customers are not always as sophisticated as you, and that’s what we need to focus on!

Our writers probably relate much more to your customers than to your business, which is just what is needed to write content that can draw in customers. Our writers can do the research, talk to the subject matter experts, and compile what they learn and the questions they had answered into valuable content for your customers.

We don’t necessarily want the people who are super good at the craft to write the blog post. They are too close to it, and they may be too bogged down by that self-obsessed, salesy content, which isn’t helping to solve your customer’s problems. You want a post about the craft but not explain it in detail. All a customer needs to know is that you will take care of their issue and make their life easier with whatever it is you do. This will resonate for more with prospective customers.

The Takeaways for Why You Should Let an Agency Write for You

The four things you should take away from this include:

Solve your customer’s problems over self-obsessed content.

Talk less about yourself and more about your customer. They want to feel supported and heard. This builds trust and a relationship early on when you do away with the self-obsessed content and focus more on their needs.

Perfection can be an excuse.

Some companies will go months, or even years, without putting out more content on their blog. They get too bogged down with making it perfect when that’s not necessary for making content valuable and effective. As long as the content is going out regularly,  is intentional, and helps solve your ideal customer’s problems, you will find value in that.

Don’t let the engineers write.

Your engineers and subject matter experts may know more about the business and services in incredible detail than anyone else, but that’s not what makes good content strategy. We do want to write a more high-level overview piece of content because that will resonate more with the customers looking for information.

It took marketing to sell the iPhone.

There were tons of smartphones before the iPhone. It took work to be seen in the industry. Just because what you do is impressive, and you believe in it wholeheartedly, does not mean everyone else knows about it. You still need to get the information out there and reach out to your audience.


Having an agency that knows how to write good content, why strategy is essential, and the importance of speaking to your customer is an incredible way to build valuable content for your business. There’s more to content than knowing everything about the subject and speaking to the business side of things. Read more here about how our Hook Agency writers demonstrate value to clients with their content. If you’re looking for a writer for your business that can focus less on YOU and more on the CUSTOMER, reach out to us today!

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