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Simplifying Your Process Visibly on Your Website – Why + 4 Examples

 In our new client discovery workshop, we identify a 3-4 step process that can be designed into our client’s new website. While our client’s processes are often more complex than this,…

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In our new client discovery workshop, we identify a 3-4 step process that can be designed into our client’s new website. While our client’s processes are often more complex than this, we do everything we can to distill it down to as few steps as possible. When designed into the site, it serves as an outline for leads to know what it’s like to work with that client.

The number one biggest pushback we get from clients when implementing this simplified process, is that they feel it varies from project-to-project. So much, that they are uncomfortable with showing it on their website. “There are too many individual factors,” they say. 

While this may be true, some steps are ubiquitous. Making that first-contact or sending and signing a proposal might seem of little value in the bigger sense of your business. However, it’s important to identify what those steps are and to put them in front of your leads. Here are four reasons why:

Setting Expectations

A simplified process on your site sets basic expectations about what new clients can see when working with your company. Expectations are, after all, the basis to any good business relationship. By knowing exactly what your client will get out of this particular relationship, you can help ease the anxiety about spending their hard-earned money with a new, and unknown company.

Be the Guide

Clients often fear abandonment or that their needs may become secondary to bigger clients. By displaying a clear and simple process on your site, you can help assuage those fears. You’ll be signaling that you’ll be with every step of the way – their guide on their journey to success.

No Process is a Process

If there is anything clients like, it’s feeling that they’re special. What they like even more is knowing that you’ll do anything to see their success. So when clients tell us that their process is unique with each project, I can’t help but grin. It’s a unique opportunity to reframe that uniqueness as customized, or individually tailored. Showing this as a step within your process will signal to leads that you’re equipped to handle a variety of needs.

Roadmap to Success

After you’ve set the client’s expectations and emerged as their guide, addressed their specific needs, it’s important to have the final step of your process be their success. This gives them a clear roadmap to a positive outcome. You’re their fears of the unknown and showing them how you will help them survive.

4 Ways to Show This on Your Site

Now that you’ve distilled you process down into 3-4 steps, you will need to show that on your website. Here are four ways you can visually show your process in an easy-to-read way:


Start with an engaging heading and some microcopy. Once you get to your process you can break the steps into tabs with images on the right hand sided. This will keep your 3 step process interactive and visually engaging for the user.


Nearly every website today comes with a type of column or grid system because they are responsive, and it organizes content into easy to read sections. This design style leverages that with icons to keep users engaged.


Drawers are probably my favorite way to add a process (or additional content) into a site. Because you can easily show a step number and headline without inundating the user with too much content. Placing a line behind the boxes show that these steps are connected. The user can access the information as needed.


This is a more complicated method. When it is executed well, it can be powerful. This mixes a simple text slider with accompanying icons. As you slide to the next step, the related icon will animate. This will add a small amount of movement to the users peripheral vision to keep the section interactive and engaging.

Thanks for reading!

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