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How To Steal Your Competitors Featured Snippets on Google

Have you ever wondered how you’re going to get onto the first page of google? Maybe you’re struggling to find the right content to put out, or you just haven’t been able…

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Have you ever wondered how you’re going to get onto the first page of google? Maybe you’re struggling to find the right content to put out, or you just haven’t been able to find a strategy that works for you.

Today we’re proposing that your next strategy to reach the first page of google should be the featured snippet section. Specifically targeting the featured snippet section or otherwise known as the answer box, is a great way to gain exposure and beat out competitors for consumer’s attention.

steal competitors featured snippet

What Is A Featured Snippet?

What is a featured snippet, you ask? An excellent way to look at it is as an answer box. The goal of a featured snippet is to answer a consumer’s direct question accurately and specifically. Because Google’s number one priority is to answer consumer’s questions, it will often prioritize excellent answers into featured snippets.

How To Get A Featured Snippet

At Hook Agency, we’re always trying to find new ways to level up our marketing as well as the marketing that we do for our clients. We’ve gone after featured snippets more than once, and the best way we’ve found to get them is to go after your competitors.

Find A Snippet

Before you can dive in and get your featured snippet, you have to find one. Do some google searches on your own or use an SEO tool such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. These tools are going to help you identify what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which ones get enough traffic that it’s worth you going after.

Understand What Is Ranking

Find a competitor that is ranking for a featured snippet. Where in their post is the content, why it’s ranking, and what is the format? To steal their featured snippet, we’re going to need to match their structure and answer the question better.

Ask, Why?

Before you format and structure your answer, you have to ask why? Why is the consumer searching this, and how can it be answered better. Put yourself into the shoes of someone looking for the answer and see how you can serve them a better response than your competitor.

That’s what snippets are all about!


Most likely, your competitor is going to be using a specific format for their blog. Don’t be afraid to copy that format. As a general rule, you should never directly copy content. But, that does not mean that you can’t copy the format of the post and seek to answer the same questions as long as you do it in your unique way.

Another key to format is using bold, italic, and other forms to markup your post. There’s a good chance that google pulled that snippet out because it was easy to read and directly answered the question. Use that same strategy in your writing and bold your keywords. Also, right-click to inspect the elements that they are using in the post. You can use those same elements as long as you aren’t taking any of their copy, and you’re just using the element.

Using Synonyms

Synonyms are a great way to take an answer and match it. Maybe there isn’t a way to change the answer to a question too drastically. A great way to still answer that question is to use synonyms of the same word. This will help you by creating a different understanding of the same question, and it allows you to copy the format of your competitor without copy and pasting their information.

Use Authoritative and Confident Language

A good post that answers questions well is going to be confident and authoritative. Using a tool such as Grammarly can help you to judge how engaging and confident your tone is throughout the piece of content you’re writing. Authoritative and confident writing ranks higher in Google and has a better chance at a featured snippet.

Use language like, “according to” or “research shows.” Authoritative and confident language drives engagement.

High Authority Links or Credible Links

If you’ve worked with SEO at all in the past, you probably know that good links help lead to higher rankings. As you’re writing, be sure to add credible links that can support what you’re stating. This shows credibility on your part and looks good to search engines.

Prioritize The Space Directly Before, and After The Question, You Answer

After or just before, you’ve answered the question that you’re trying to rank for, be very strategic. The space before and after this question can drastically determine rank. This space, when optimized with pictures and quality resource (credible) links, shows that you’ve done the research, and you know what you’re talking about. This is also the space that people are likely to read the most. When someone clicks through from the snippet on Google to your site, the first thing they see is going to be the content before and after the question you answered. Be a useful resource for them to continue reading.

“People Also Asked”

Finally, look into the section just under the snippet in Google where you see, “people also asked.” This is a great section to look at what people are also searching for, other questions you can answer, and ultimately find more areas to rank within your niche.

You can also answer the next 3-5 questions listed there, and by doing that, you are creating a more comprehensive blog that ranks higher and has more authority.


Going after a featured snippet doesn’t have to be that complicated, and it can seriously level up your marketing. Take the time to know what you’re going after, why people are searching for it, and how you can better serve them as a customer. You’ll probably find yourself ranking with snippets soon enough!

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