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The Best Video Hosts for a Website

If you have never heard of video hosting, it can sound a little intimidating. All it really is though is a website that lets you upload, store, and share your videos. Ever…

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If you have never heard of video hosting, it can sound a little intimidating. All it really is though is a website that lets you upload, store, and share your videos. Ever hear of YouTube? That’s a video host. When you have a good video host for your website, it can make your life a lot easier. You have the ability to upload your video in different formats giving people the ability to watch it on several different devices. 

Why is it Good to Have a Video Host?

If you’ve created a video and it’s just sitting around on your computer, it is not doing you any good. You need to get it out there for people to see. You are unable to text and email it because the size is too large, and if you put it directly onto your website it will slow it down. This is where putting it onto a video host comes into play. 

Hosting sites are available to us because people need a place to put their content. Video is taking over and if you are not hopping on the train and getting your videos out to the people, you are missing out big time. 

Video is being used for a variety of different things such as sales and marketing, customer support, and communication. 

Having a video host can bring you many benefits with your video content, especially when you have a good one. With a video host, you will save yourself time and energy so you can make more time for your videos and get more eyes on your brand. A hosting site will encode your video automatically, compress it if needed, and provide you with a video player that can be embedded into your website. 

Paid Video Hosting Options for Businesses  

If you are looking to avoid ads and not have limitations on your uploads, a paid video platform may be the route to take. 

A business-grade video host will range in pricing and can be as cheap as a few hundred dollars per year, but can also be very expensive and range from tens of thousands of dollars per year.  

These services can vary a lot with what they offer to you and your business, so it is crucial that you put in the research and find the option that is right for you. 

A few of the better-paid video hosts that we found were Vidyard Video Hosting and Wistia Video Hosting. 


Vidyard is a great tool to integrate with your sales and marketing tools and provides you with advanced analytics on how consumers are viewing your video. You are also able to have personalization with your video and are able to utilize settings that allow you to dynamically insert the viewer’s name or company logo into a video.   

Vidyard is also very customizable and allows you to change almost everything inside of the video player. You are also able to access tools specifically for sales and can use interactive forms, links, and buttons to get people further down the sales funnel

The tool starts at $150 per month for team plans and starts at $19 per month for individuals. 


Wistia is a great all-around tool for video hosting if you are a small to medium-sized business. It gives you a majority of the features that you need including integrations to sales and marketing systems, analytics and engagement graphs, and A/B testing

Like Vidyard, Wistia also gives you the ability to insert buttons, forms, and annotations into the video so you can get more leads to your website. 

One of the issues with Wistia is that they go by a pay-per-bandwidth model that could really impact you if a video campaign takes off and ups the price. 

Free Video Hosting Options


YouTube is a great tool for discoverability and is a great tool to use for inbound marketing. YouTube is the largest social network and second-largest search engine in the world only trailing Google. Another thing to note is that Youtube is the fastest growing search engine among those that are under the age of 25. When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will use its algorithm to recommend it to people that are most likely to respond to it. One of the downsides to YouTube is that it features a lot of ads that appear before and during videos, but they usually do not last longer than 15 to 30 seconds and give you the option to skip a majority of the time. There is some analytics that come with YouTube, but they really only show you how many views it received. 


Vimeo may not have the caliber of network and traffic as YouTube, but there are still many good things about this video host. It has more professional authority than YouTube and is a popular place for documentarians and creators to host their videos. They offer many features for publishing purposes such as publishing, monetizing, analysis, and collaborations with other creators. One limiting factor of Vimeo is that they only allow you to upload 25GB of video per year and need to pay for anything beyond that. 


The free version of Vidyard has some great benefits such as no ads and an unlimited amount of uploads. The videos that are uploaded are also automatically optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing and also have the ability to upload up to five videos onto your website for free. A big drawback to Vidyard, however, is that they include a logo of their company on the bottom of your videos unless you upgrade to the paid version. 


DailyMotion is the next biggest alternative to YouTube and Vimeo and carries some pretty top-notch partnerships with organizations like BBC, Vice, and Bloomberg. They will run ads after your videos and limits you 60 minutes or 2 GB per video and have limited options for analytics. 

So Which One is the Best?

In our opinion, the best video host for your website is YouTube because it allows you to drive more traffic onto your website and has a much larger platform than the other sites. 

YouTube gives you the ability to make a channel with videos your consumers actually want to engage with. It is also much easier for viewers to share your videos across their social media with YouTube which will lead to an increase of traffic across your site. Your videos will also have the ability to rank organically which will improve your traffic numbers and bring in more leads for your business. 

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what options are out there for your company and its hosting site. Be sure to take the time and put in more research so you can be absolutely positive you choose the right one, or ones, are for you. 

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